Workplace Injury

Workplace Injury

Protecting Your Rights After a Workplace Injury

If you have been injured in an industrial workplace such as an oil field or construction worksite, chances are you’re suffering from a significant injury. Guerra Law Firm, P.C. is here to fight for the compensation you deserve. We are a personal injury law firm in McAllen, TX, specializing in workplace injury claims. Led by Manuel “Manny” Guerra, a successful and fair trial attorney with more than two decades of experience, our legal team will provide information, support, and legal guidance throughout the duration of your injury case. We are passionate about helping people who have experienced hardships due to an injury in the workplace. If you need help recovering compensation for a workplace injury, we will stand up for your rights and represent your best interests.

Oil Field and Other Industrial Workplace Accidents

To this day, the risk for injury in the oil industry is still exponentially high because of dangerous working conditions involving heavy machinery and toxic chemicals. According to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), oil field worker injuries are seven times the rate of serious injury in all other industries. If you were injured while performing job duties on the oil field, you’ll need skilled legal representation to handle your case. Oil company insurance attorneys have their own company’s best interests in mind, which is why our expert legal counsel at Guerra Law Firm, P.C. can help you get the compensation you’re entitled to. We want to protect your rights, provide expert legal support, and help you pursue compensation that will provide for you and your family after your workplace accident.

Head and Back Injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries
Traumatic Brain Injury
Limb Amputation
Crushed Limbs
Chemical Exposure
Broken Bones
Lung Damage
Severe Burns

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